A New-Old Favourite


When I was younger the coolest place in town I knew was the coffee lounge in Luxembourg city. I haven’t been there in ages, but at the beginning of summer I met with a friend and she suggested to have lunch there. I was immediately up for it, knowing through their facebook page, that it had undergone some change. When we arrived I felt like back in the old days: the three level food and coffee place is still quite narrow, the interior is still pretty much the same – modern with wooden details, and outside students as well as business people are still tucked up in warm blankets with their drinks. But one thing has definitely improved: their bagel card! I feel like they offer a bigger, more adventurous variety of bagels and all of their creations sound super-delicious. I had a bagel with ham, ruccola, goat cheese (Mr Big, first picture) – yum!!

ps. I enjoyed my bagel so much that I had to return the following day with my family ^^






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