look me in the eyes, baby


As everybody knows eyes are an important feature in your face. No, just kidding I meant to say the skin around the eyes is very sensitive so make sure you treat it well:

always take off your make up, I know it can be a pain sometimes but it is vital for your skin to be cleansed in order to take off the dirt from the day (and to remove any excess that cloggs your pores): in terms of make up remover I can definitely recommend an old (youtube) favourite: the bodyshop camomile cleansing butter. It’s very affordable, super soft like butter non greasy and leaves the skin with a clean and fresh finish. It’s the first eye make up remover that also takes away all of my (waterproof) mascara. Plus rubbing it into your skin quickly becomes part of your daily evening routine.

use eye cream, if necessary, depending on your age: I haven’t found the right one for me yet. I just discovered this spontaneously but I have to say I was disappointed when I opened it. The consistency simply reminds me too much of cucumber in the sense that it’s too liquidy! On the plus side it smells of fresh cucumbers and has little glitter particles, which are in fact pearly particles that are still visible some time after you’ve applied it. Maybe I just have to get used to the consistency..   

use your ringfinger to gently moisturize the thin and delicate skin around the eyes

before applying any type of eyeshadow use an eyeshadow base: it helps to make the make up last longer and it also makes the colours stand out more: the P2 Perfect Eyes base is perfect! It’s incredibly cheap I think around 2 euros and does the job better than the Naked Urban Decay eyebase (in my humble opinion). Don’t get me wrong I love my NUD palette but the eyebase doesn’t impress me that much. But back to the P2 base – you can easily and swiftly apply it generously with your ringfinger all over the lid and it stays in place all day. For me a great value product. 

give concealers a go, they work miracles: they open your eyes and give them a fresher, healthier look: another famous personality among the youtubers! The Rimmel London eyeconcealer, whereas with the eyeshadow base the brush annoyed me, with this product it helps to apply an even layer of concealer. It visibly illuminates under your eyes and the rest of your complexion as a whole. You can also use to to cover spots and blemishes.  

some highlighter or a fairer shade in the inner corner of your eyes does a similar job


Used Products:

  • The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (all skin types)
  • Belle à Croquer Rosée à Concombre Sérum Plaisir des Yeux
  • P2 Perfect Eyes base
  • Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Effect + Radiant Glow Concealer
  • Bourgeois Paris Imperfection Concealer 13 Beige Rosé

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