5 products make up


As you’ll soon find out I like my make up to be quick and easy. That is to say: no heavy foundation, and clearly not tons of make up products on my face. Instead I often simply use concealer to cover any redness, spots or dark circles. I’d say that investing in and using a concealer is a good idea, because it’s a sort of multi-tasking product: you can use it for covering up imperfections (like spots), you can use it to cover the ugly eyebags or dark shadows around your eyes, and you can even use it as a highlighter and as a very natural and light foundation. It certainly makes a big difference: your eyes look much more awake and fresh! I also recently discovered the wonders of applying brozers. Having said that, I think that applying it without a brush might be tricky as it can quickly turn out to look hard and unnatural. I also love using eyeshadow sticks! Especially if you’re like me and always in a rush and you simply don’t have the time to to try out different eyeshadow combinations. Eyeshadow sticks are honestly the best thing ever – they make you look better within a few seconds! Because I left out the mascara for this look, I chose to use a brighter colour for the eyes so that they can stand out also without mascara. It’s weird to say this but honestly most of the time I can’t be bothered to apply mascara because mine always smudges. I’m 22 years old and I still don’t know how to apply mascara properly, great! Least but not last the lips! For me the most important thing is to keep them hydrated and I also prefer the nude look anyway.

PS. I’m a strong believer in the saying ‚less is more‘ (at least makeup wise haha) – that’s my credo, you know what I’m sayin‘.

My five products include:

‚foundation‘ and concealer – Bourgeois Paris Imperfection Concealer 13 Beige Rosé

brush and bronzer – Hoola Benefit, Sleek Powder Brush

eyeshadow stick – Rimmel London 100 Rose Gold (Kate Moss Collection)

lipbalm – Neutrogena Lippenpflege mit Nordic Berry ❤

Have a great evening xxx

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